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Jess is a Musical Theatre expert, Andrew knows nothing about the Musical Theater world. Listen to hear the hilarity ensue as fresh eyes analyze musicals old & new.

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    Musicals With Cheese #13 -- "Fiddler on the Roof"

    If I were a Podcast Daidle deedle daidle Daidle daidle deedle daidle dumb!

    Today Jess and Andrew talk about Fiddler on the Roof, in the episode they talk about Tradition and what exactly it means, they unpack the metaphor of a Fiddler on the Roof, mourn for the life of Laser Wolf and the true love that could have been, and queried about which of Tevye's daughters would we watch to be matched up with! It'll be fun so give it a listen!

    Check it out here:

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #11: La La Land (feat. Brent Black aka BrentalFloss)

    Another Day of Podcasting with Musicals with Cheese! This week Jess & Andrew are joined by a special guest: Brent Black aka Brentalfloss to cover Damien Chazelle's Modern Musical Movie "La La Land"

    The Trio discuss the tonal inconsistencies of the film, the lack of chemistry between the leads, the shortfalls of the musical storytelling, and the altogether successes and failures present in the film.

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #10: Tiara

    This week Jess & Andrew do something a little bit different-- they are talking about a concept album by the band Seventh Wonder entitled Tiara. The duo go through the album's plot, how the music conveys the story, and how they would adapt the album into a full stage production.

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #9: Falsettos

    Give these handsome boys a hand, welcome to Falsettoland! This week Jess & Andrew cover William Finn's masterpiece FALSETTOS! Throughout the podcast, Jess & Andrew chat about the strange structure of the show, what the world would be like if Whizzer was actually a Wizard, whether Marvin is an irredeemable character, why this show works and Rent doesn't, and whether or not the Lesbians from next door are completely necessary characters. What a world we live in!

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    Musicals w/ Cheese BONUS: MORE Carrie the Musical (feat. Jess Cook)

    This week Jess is joined by fan of all things Carrie the Musical Jess Cook who gives a more in depth look into the musical's trials and tribulations throughout its existence, and also specifics as to the best and worst parts of each incarnation.

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #8: Carrie the Musical

    Andrew and Jess experience the dark horrors this Halloween season tackling the dark and disturbing story of Carrie the Musical. They cover the original damned Broadway production that lasted a measly five performances, and digest the exact reasons why it flopped so hard. They duo then look into the revival, comparing the updated revival production to the original Broadway failure. While diving into this topic Jess and Andrew fin parallels in reality of Carrie's act of destruction and modern day problems in schools. Andrew and Jess also dive into the horror that is Riverdale, and explore the episode surrounded around Carrie the Musical.

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #7: "21 Chump Street"

    This week Jess & Andrew cover Lin Manuel Miranda's short musical "21 Chump Street" based on the "This American Life" piece of the same name. Among the topics covered are Jess & Andrew's personal experiences in high school, how Ronald Reagan is directly responsible for the musical "Rent", and whether or not it is morally right for a non-violent first offense to be a felony in any state.

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    Musicals w/ Cheese #6: Musicals by Andrew

    This week Jess and Andrew play a game--- where Jesse gives Andrew a title of a REAL MUSICAL and Andrew has to guess the plot. Hilarity ensues!

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    Musicals With Cheese #5 -- "Little Shop of Horrors"

    Andrew and Jess experience thrills and chills-- avoiding a total eclipse of the sun and appreciating Rick Moranis at the same time. Also, Jess & Andrew discuss which version of the Little Shop of Horrors film is better-- the one with or without Jim Belushi?

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